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Maggioni Type has always adopted sustainable development at the service of today’s needs without ever diverting attention from future generations. On the basis of this ethic, it has launched virtuous circular economy projects.

Second life

Developed in partnership with L’Oreal Italia and ICMA Sartorial Paper, Maggioni Type has given life to the “Second Life” project, which involves the transformation of L’Oreal Italia’s cellulose waste into elegant creative recycled papers reused by L’Oreal in the production of packaging developed and manufactured in collaboration with Maggioni Type.

This process involves a significant shortening of the production cycle, since the waste is directly used as a raw material for the production of new paper, without the intermediate step of creating fresh cellulose pulp or recycled with an important return in terms of environmental impact.

Economia Circolare  Maggioni Type

“Second life” is a project rich in unique elements in terms of innovation, environmental impact and social impact as an example of enhancing the fabric of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thanks to this project, Maggioni Type won the award for the Best Packaging 2020 Oscar.

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