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Banner Conferenza Packaging Premiere

Conference on the “Second Life” project at Packaging Premiere 2019

Marco Maggioni will participate in the conference that will be held

from 10.45 to 11.30 il 30 May 2019

in the conference room

during the Packaging Premiere.

Fieramilanocity – Pavillion 4

Entrance: Viale Scarampo, corner of Via Colleoni – Gate 4

Second Life: an example of Made in Italy Best Practice, an innovative circular economy project by L’Oréal Italia.

The project is developed in collaboration with Icma Sartorial Paper, a company specialising in the production of creative papers and cardboard for high-end packaging, andMaggioni Type, a company specialising in the production of POP materials and special printing projects.

Here are the key points of the project:

  • The Second life project is aimed at reducing the impact on the environment of the waste from industrial cellulosic packaging of the L’Oréal company, offering a redevelopment of waste paper through a second life of reuse. L’Oréal will reuse its waste paper in packaging lines, ranging from boxes to displays, in a context of circular economy.
  • Icma has developed specific processes, from waste collection to paper finishing, aimed at giving industrial recycled paper and cardboard aesthetic finishes and technical performance identical to fresh cellulose products. In this way, the paper produced will be in line with the corporate stylistic needs.
  • Shortening the production chain: waste is directly used as raw material for the production of new paper, without the intermediate step of creating fresh or recycled cellulose
  • Shortening geographical distances: the production chain, from the residue to the box, is in Italy.


Marco Nigrelli, Sales Manager at Icma Sartorial Paper

Marco Maggioni, Commercial Director Maggioni Type

Carmen Carulli, Purchasing Director at L’Oréal Italy

Sara Appiani, Retail Sourcing Manager at L’Oréal Italia